23 September 2014

Jen Coleman & Susan Landers at LitMore : September 20, 2014

Jen and Susan took some time to visit LitMore this weekend, and we three had a great time catching up, touring the space and listening to/capturing the words of (frankly) two of my favorite poets.

We decided to relax in the bay window box on the first and a half floor and let the room tones gently filter in and mix with the words.

Susan Landers reading from Franklinstein, a history of a neighborhood in Philadelphia (Germantown) which is inspired by The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin and The Making of the Americans by Gertrude Stein, plus the beautiful Paean to Paean to Place, an homage to Lorine Niedecker's long poem. 

Susan and Jen talking about their parents, and the ethics of capturing video/audio to preserve a moment (memory), and using this content for creative purposes.

Part one of Jen reading from her new book from Trembling Pillow Press, Psalms for Dogs and Sorcerers, which was the Winner of the 2013 Bob Kaufman Book Prize, selected by Poet Dara Wier. She asked that we record on LitMore's porch, and absorbed a cacophony of crickets, helicopters and a bad fan belt.

Part two of Jen's reading in the main performance room. The ambiance of the room complements Jen's voice, which insist on the listing. Krill List, that is.

12 March 2014

Feature: Erin Dorney & Tyler Barton

Erin and Tyler visited our poetry library at LitMore on Monday, March 10, 2014, to perform a poem written collaboratively in the labyrinthine interiors of Ikea, aptly titled, Ikea. Best to put this on yr ear buds and walk the miles of compact domestic living for best results.

Ikea 9:56

17 March 2013

A Furniture Press Affair : Ruthless Grip, Washington, D.C.

Toby Altman * Martine Bellen * Alyse Knorr * Magus Magnus * Chris Mason * Alicia Puglionesi * Iris Cushing

This event was part of the Ruthless Grip series, curated by the incomparable Mel Nichols and hosted by Dan Gutstein and Meg Ronan.
Introductions (Christophe Casamassima)
...is a member of three bands: The Tinklers, Coocoo Rockin Time, and Old Songs, which translates Archaic Greek poetry and puts it to music. Books of poems: Hum Who Hiccup (Narrow House, Baltimore, 2011), Where To From Out (Furniture Press Books, Baltimore, forthcoming in 2013), Click Poems (shabby editions, London, 1982), Poems of a Doggy (pod books, Baltimore, 1977). Prose: The Elements, by the Tinklers, (Shattered Wig, Baltimore, 2009).

Toby Altman
...lives in Chicago where he co-curates the Absinthe and Zygote series with Anne Shaw. His poems have (or will) appear in Gigantic Sequins, Rhino, The Berkeley Poetry Review, and other journals. He is cofounder of Damask Press and a member of the Next-Objectivists. His chapbook Asides was published by Furniture Press Books in 2012.


Alyse Knorr
...is the author of Annotated Glass (Furniture Press Books 2013). Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in RHINO, Sentence, Puerto Del Sol, Gargoyle, The Minnesota Review, and The Southern Poetry Anthology (Texas Review Press). She received her MFA from George Mason University.

Martine Bellen
...is the author of eight collections of poetry, including GHOSTS! (Spuyten Duyvil), THE VULNERABILITY OF ORDER (Copper Canyon Press), and TALES OF MURASAKI AND OTHER POEMS (Sun & Moon Press), which won the National Poetry Series Award. Her collection THE WABAC MACHINE is forthcoming in March/April of 2013, published by Furniture Press Books. A bilingual collection of her poetry has been published in Germany by Verlag im Waldgut (translator, Hans Jürgen Balmes). She has written the libretto for OVIDIANA, an opera based on Ovid’s METAMORPHOSES (composer, Matthew Greenbaum) and AH! OPERA NO-OPERA, which she collaborated on with David Rosenboom.

Magus Magnus
...has two books out with Furniture Press: Heraclitean Pride (2010) and The Re-echoes (2012). He is also the author of Verb Sap (Narrow House 2008) and Idylls for a Bare Stage (2011). Magnus blogs about the theory and technique of the Idyll (a poetry performance form originated by the Greek poet Theocritus) at http://sharedimagining.blogspot.com/.
...was born in Tarzana, California. She is the author of Wyoming (winner of the 2013 Furniture Press Poetry Prize) forthcoming this fall. In 2011, she was a writer-in-residence at Grand Canyon National Park. Her poems have appeared in the Boston Review, Paperbag, No, Dear and other places. Iris lives in Brooklyn and edits Argos Books. She is also currently at work on a couple of collaborations with visual artists.

Alicia Puglionesi
...writes about the history of telepathy, psychic mediums, and nineteenth-century men of science in a scholarly capacity. Her current project is a dictionary of nonverbal communication. A collection of short stories related to Karl Krall, the German animal psychologist, is forthcoming with Cars Are Real press in the fall of 2013. She lives in Baltimore.

09 January 2013

Baltimore vs Brooklyn: An evening of poetry at the Windup in Charm City

From R. M. O'Brien

I met Mike Lala in March 2012. I was on a short, fragmented reading tour with mutual poet-friend Jeremy Hoevenaar. We three appear'd together on this invigorating nine-poet bill at This Must Be the Place (attach'd to Diner) in Brooklyn. Mike is tall and winter-complected. His poetry was lush and sort of soft-spoken.

A couple months ago, he pitched a cultural-exchange-type two-part reading to Jeremy and me: he and three other New York writers would read with about as many Baltimoreans down here in January. Then in February we'd repeat the line-up in Brooklyn.

In the current poetry climate that qualifies as ambitious. Hopefully after this kind of translocal group reading becomes more common, we'll realize it's obvious.

Big thank you to Russell at the Windup Space for betting on a lit-marathon.

The Brooklyn Side

Mike Lala lives in New York, where he co-curates Fireside Follies and is Assistant Poetry Editor at Washington Square. His work appears or is forthcoming in Fence, The Brooklyn Rail, RHINO 2013, DIAGRAM, Artifice, The Awl, and many others, including the chapbooks Under the Westward Night (Knickerbocker Circus, 2010) and [fire!] ([sic] Press, 2011). mikelala.com.

Allyson Paty is the author of The Further Away, a chapbook published by [sic] Press in 2012. Her poems can be found in Tin House, Gulf Coast, DIAGRAM, Denver Quarterly, Harpur Palate, Handsome and Best New Poets 2012. She is co-editor of Singing Saw Press, a fine arts and poetry publisher that will make its debut release this fall.

Eric Nelson is a writer originally from New Jersey. His essays,criticism and fiction have appeared or are forthcoming in The Billfold, HTMLGIANT, chimes/SIRENS, Volume 1 Brooklyn and Squawk Back, among others. His short story collection The Silk City Series was published by Knickerbocker Circus in 2010 and “The Walt Whitman House” will be published as a book by the Crumpled Press in January 2013. He lives in Queens, New York.

Matthew Zingg's poetry appears or is forthcoming in Cider Press Review, Blackbird, The Madison Review, and Opium Magazine. He received his MFA in poetry form Adelphi University and lives in Brooklyn.

The Baltimore Side

Jeremy Hoevenaar was born in New Jersey, lived in New York City for nine years, and now lives and attempts to photosynthesize poems in Baltimore. Some work can be found in the Brooklyn Rail, Tantalum Journal, The Recluse, Shifter Magazine, and Forklift, Ohio. He believes applause should be withheld until the end.

Bonnie Jones is a writer, improvising musician, and performer working primarily with electronic music and text. She creates improvised and composed text-sound performances that explore the fluidity and function of electronic noise (field recordings, circuit bending) and text (poetry, found, spoken, visual). http://bonniejones.wordpress.com/

R.M. O'Brien  put out a book called Ant Killer & Other Poems. He's working on a book called All This Was Instantaneous. He fears nothing.

Alicia Puglionesi (part 1)
Alicia Puglionesi (part 2) writes about the history of telepathy, psychic mediums, and nineteenth-century men of science in a scholarly capacity. Her current project, a dictionary of nonverbal communication, may be almost finished. She lives in Baltimore.

Adam Robinson runs Publishing Genius, a small press that publishes poetry and literary fiction and things between those genres. He is the author of two books, Adam Robison and Other Poems and Say Poem.

02 January 2013

Furniture Press Books at Penn Book Center, June 9, 2012 (with Chris McCreary, Magus Magnus, Joshua Ware, Ryan Eckes, Toby Altman and Deborah Poe)

Furniture Press Books enters its 10th year in 2013. To kick off the event, Ryan Eckes and David Hancock (of the Penn Book Center) graciously hosted an event with a selection of the crew.

In the fall of 2013 we are touring 14 cities in 7 states to spread the gospel of Furniture Press Books. Each event will include readings by our featured writers and local poets from the cities we visit. To learn more about the press, and to subscribe to our book sale bundles (which will function as a fund-raising project for the tour), please visit Furniture Press Books.


22 April 2012

Episode Six: Elizabeth Savage

I had the pleasure of visiting Elizabeth Savage at her home in Fairmont, West Virginia during the waning days of April, the cruellest month if there ever were one. We spent the morning searching for a missing manuscript (mine, which was, ironically, in my bag at the house), and headed down to the campus of Fairmont State University, where she teaches literary studies, down a winding hill in the rain with Oscar Hokom, Elizabeth's narratively versatile son, in tow.

I asked if I could record some poems from her newest collections from Furniture Press Books: a chapbook by the name of Jane & Paige, or Sister Goose, Twenty-Four Women & Girls, and her first book, Grammar, and a last surprise, a reading of a serial poem called The Book of Lonely Chairs. When Oscar asked why a chair would be lonely, he answered himself of his own keen wisdom: "Well? Because a chair was built for people to sit, and when no one is sitting in the chair, it's not doing its job, and it gets sad."

Genius. He takes after his parents, two of the most hospitable and generous people I have met.

from Jane & Paige, or Sister Goose, Twenty-Four Women & Girls

from Grammar

The Book of Lonely Chairs (countdown by Oscar Hokom)

03 April 2012

Feature 6: Julie Fisher "Skittering Thing" release party, March 30, 2012 at Goucher College

Below you'll hear all the performers (in order of appearance) in tribute to a very important and special human being, organizer and poet, Julie Fisher. This is Julie's first official release, and it could't have come at a better time: the dawn of year 10 for Furniture Press Books. Below are bios, in Julie's words.

Femi the Dri Fish (and at some point with David "Native Son" Ross)
Femi the Dri Fish-I adore that Femi has no mold, he has carved his own
darkly humourous, quirky persona and takes no prisoners.
Turns things sideways and inside out just to see what it looks like.
Didn't curl up in the comfort zone of 5thL but tramped out into some
wilderness of solo work. And that grin!!

David "Native Son" Ross
This probably is no secret but David gives great
hugs. David's work embodies striving and yearning. He has the artist's
craving to be his best and a human desire to encourage others to be
better. A tough mix. But he carries it so
smoothly, it seems effortless.

Alan Reese
Aaahh Alan poet, teacher aka Mark Twain a la tai chi instructor
oh wait publisher...yeah! Geez pick something Alan :D
Thank you for publishing Octopus Dreams Anthology One.

Rupert Wondolowski
I love Rupert's paranoid bravado. He tells us all about
scary things, and perverse things and even downright disturbing things but
with a kind of sensual attention to detail delivered in a juxtaposing
stream of consciousness that makes it all seem almost comforting. And just
when we feel at ease he shows us another clown!

Olu Butterfly
I saw Olu first time at a community building event that took
place at the Walters, I think 5thL hosted. Went to see her again at Ladies
Verse...she epitomizes Spoken Word that gives me slice of life details,
invites me into her world. I love her style, her energy, her willingness
to engage people, especially younger ones. Love the concept behind

Deanna Nikaido (coming soon)
What's that line? Watch out for the quiet ones? Well yeah,
have you heard Deanna's poetry? Its precision gets you right there. Do you
keep track of all the goodness she teaches with Bookinday and Kwame Alexander?
Point made.

Barbara DeCesare part one / part two (Barbara reads in part one, and then in part two a bunch of us perform a terrific play Barbara composed the night before the party.)
First got to know Barbara in New York at a reading at the
Bowery for a few Baltimore readers. Invited her to read IN
Baltimore and we became fast friends....not fast women geez!
- fast friends. She has seen Julie Fisher naked at least twice.

Julie Fisher
Julie Fisher believes in magical human beings and sacred places. In her
bones, she knows poetry is the language of desire and transcendence. She
cultivates communal experience in public spaces like poetry readings and
quietly with words on pages.

Julie Fisher created www.PoetryInBaltimore.com because Baltimore’s poetry
scene is outstanding. She hosts 3rd Thursday Night PerVerse at Cyclops
Books, Essential Sundays @ Minas’ Gallery and the B-More Erotic
Performance Art Series. She cohosts Kids Got Poetry Writing Series with
her daughter Sophie. She also supports and curates special events within
the literary community.

“Skittering Thing” is her new chapbook from Furniture Press Books. Her
poems have appeared most recently in Smile Hon, You’re In Baltimore,
Baltimore Sun, Manorborn, Attic and World According to Goldfish Anthology.
She was one of the editors of the Octopus Dreams Anthology 1 a publication
sponsored by PoetryInBaltimore.com.

02 April 2012

Feature 5: Kathi Wolfe

Kathi Wolfe, a finalist in the 2007 Pudding House Press Chapbook competition and a contributor to the anthology "Beauty Is a Verb: The New Poetry of Disability," read from and discussed her various works in an intimate reading at Towson University. Thanks for Joyce Garczynski for curating the event, and Beth Haller for introducing Kathi to our community. 

Joyce/Beth intro

Kathi part one

Kathi part two

Kathi part three

28 January 2012

Feature 4: Frank O'Hara & Jan Cremer - Prints and Poems w/ Michael Ball, David Beaudouin, Chris Mason, Megan McShea and Chris Toll

At the Load of Fun yesterday evening, a tribute to Frank O'Hara and collaborator Jan Cremer. Hosted by the enigmatic Michael Ball with readings and interpretations and stories of Frank O'Hara's and poetry and life by

Michael Ball

David Beaudouin

Chris Mason

Megan McShea

Chris Toll

For more information on the event, please go to http://www.loadoffun.net/LoadofFun/OHara_Cremer.html

03 December 2011

Episode Five: Shabnam Piryaei

SHABNAM PIRYAEI's collection of poetry 'ode to fragile' was published by Plain View Press in 2010. 'A Method for Counting Days' will be published by Furniture Press Books in 2012. She has been awarded the Poets & Writers Amy Award for Poetry, as well as grants from the Elizabeth George Foundation, the Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance, and the Barbara Deming Memorial Fund. Most recently she has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. Her work has been published in several journals including Poets & Writers Magazine, Unsaid, The Florida Review, Flashquake, and The Furnace Review. Her writings have been performed at the MAD Theatre Festival in the United Kingdom, and her poetry-films have been screened in the U.S. at the Woodstock Film Festival, Indie Spirit Film Festival, Red Rock Film Festival, Miami Short Film Festival, Noor Film Festival, HollyShorts Film Festival, International Literary Film Festival, Video Art and Experimental Film Festival, Catskill Film and Video Festival, Co-Kisser Poetry Film Festival, Digital Arts Entertainment Laboratory, (sub)Urban Projections, Blissfest333 and the Target Art Gallery, and internationally at the Canterbury Short Film Festival, Portobello Film Festival, Zebra Poetry Film Festival, Sadho Poetry Film Festival, Visible Verse Festival, Art Monastery Film Festival, Festival Videomedeja, the Unlike Art Gallery, Elysium Art Gallery, New Gallery London, Youyou Gallery, Jotta and Galleria Perelà.


A Method for Counting Days 1

A Method for Counting Days 2

A Method for Counting Days 3

Paper Confessions



03 October 2011

Global Feature: 100,000 Poets for Change / Waverly Public Library and Beyond

Musing after reading Lyn Hejinian's "The Quest for Knowledge in the Western Poem," it occurred to me that our westward curiosities, seemingly mind-expanding (as in theoretical or philosophical), and at the same time physically culminating in the acquisition (in no fair means, of course) of a landmass that stretched from sea to sea, was also a site of enormous loss, that of indigenous peoples, those souls that had been here since the dawn of consciousness: their land, their homes, their language, their universe, gone in a matter of decades. And there’s that other scourge, American slavery, that went eastward and ripped millions from their homes, their only known universe, and took from them everything, their religion, their language, their families, even their souls. And I have this feeling that we're making the same blind plunge now eastward, in that zone of revolution and civil war called the Middle East, decrying, "Let the people choose for themselves!" but resonating suspiciously of, "as long as it's friendly toward the West." No matter how invested the West might be in the improvement of human rights, there's still a tinge of the (now) age-old "You're either with us or against us." All of this seems to suggest that autonomy is the last hope of any people, and autonomy means the preservation of all facets of life that is a culture. And it is a good thing that all cultures are, in relation, vastly different, but necessary, humanly necessary. But it is necessary for cultures to define themselves without any outside influence, however well-meaning it may seem, and no matter how outwardly contentious it may be to others. And it is with this in mind that I can solidly answer the question, “What is the purpose of change in your recordings project?” It is with the same vitality that Harry Matthews spent in his youth capturing the sound of America that I, without coercion or influence, ask America to speak from the heart, to define, in their words, not words imposed or constructed for the masses, what it means to be human in an inhuman time. And I think that the language of poetry is the language of honesty.

Here, below, is the voice of honesty. But first, check out our story in The Sun.

"Kids Saying 'Hello'"

A A Rupert

Adam Robinson

A Adar Ayira

Aileen Sabira

Amanda Youngbar

Anne Adele-White

Ashley Mears

Barbara Morrison


Blanche Cohen Sachs

Brenda Iijima

Carla Jean

Caryn Coyle

Chris Casamassima

Chris Mason

Chris Toll

Christina Luk

Christopher Rykel

Cindy Kelly and Jessica Morrison

Daniel Rowe


Dave Cavalier and Joe Keys

Dave Eberhardt

Dave K

Dean Smith

Doug Mowbray

Emily Skillings

Eric Elliott

Evie Shockley

Fernando Quijano III

Francesca Capone and Cariah Lily Rosberg

Hanna Badalova


Helen Vitoria

Ilene Lebson

J Hope Stein

Jacob Appelberg

Jamie Gaughran-Perez

Jayne French

Jason Ezell

Jasmine Ward

Joe Elliott

Joe Hall

Joe Stewart

Jon Patton

Josef Kaplan

Joseph Robinson

Juliana Grace

Juliana Guevara

Julie Fisher

Justin Sirois

Karen Morrison


Laksamee Putnam

Leigh Stein

Les Wade

Lily Herman

Lisa Woznicki

Lydia Cortes

Magus Magnus

Malcolm Favor

Mary Do

Mary Elizabeth Mays

Mary Olson

Matthew Falk

Melinda Bennington Abbott

Melissa Ravely

Michael Harris

Michael Frailey

Nadia Nasr

Nathan Dennies

Nayeli Garcia-Mowbray

Nora Sandler

Norman Hogeland

Pattie MacDonald

Paul Hendricks

Rachel Lyons


Ronna Lebo

Rosalind Heid

Roseanne Ullrich

Rupert Wondolowski

Ryan Eckes and Dan Yorty

Ryan Kistner

S J Fernandi

Sandy Kelman

Sarah Dunn

Sarah Jane Miller

Shana Gass

Sid Gold

Sophie Fisher

Stephanie Barber

Stephanie Gray

Stephen Mantanle

Susan Mowbray

Sylvia Kodis

Tantra Zawadi

Timmy Reed

Tony Hayes

Zserilyn Finney

18 April 2011

Episode Four - William Patrick Tandy

A descendant of Irish patriot Napper Tandy, William Patrick Tandy takes his whiskey neat. He is editor, publisher and contributing writer for two-time Utne Independent Press Award nominee Smile, Hon, You're in Baltimore!, a submission-based digest ostensibly devoted to life in Mobtown. Learn more at www.eightstonepress.com or eightstonepress.blogspot.com.

1. The Body in Motion
2. Mooncusser
3. Shooting Stars
4. Late for Work
5. Shift Change
6. Seeing Red
7. Waste
8. Carpe Diem
9. No Shoulder
10. Talkin' Trash

11 January 2011

Episode Three - Chris Toll

Chris Toll is a poet and collagemaker who lives in Baltimore, Maryland. He co-curates the Benevolent Armchair Reading Series. In the spring of 2011, Publishing Genius Press will put out his new book, The Disinformation Phase.

Medley #1 (6:30)

National Poetry Month
One Planet One People One Love Blues
Insulator Drive Blues
The Contemplative Life
Land of the Fee
Carbon-Based Lifeform Blues
23 Palms
The Untitled Season
Edward Hopper at the OK Corral
Poetry 101 for Travelin' Tommy Tucker

Medley #2 (8:38)

The Shaken Is My Shepherd for Adam Robinson
Irregular Galaxy
All Is Suffering
Writing Groups of the Future by Sylvia Plath
Love Your Enemies for CA Conrad
I Can't Stand Along the Watchtower
No Blues Blues #43
The Third Station of the Double-Crossed
Bad File Handle
Money Never Weeps by Edgar Allen Poe
The Abyss Has No Biographer
Perfect Love

Medley #3 (5:43)

Adapt or Die
The Awry Sky Soothsays
The Road to Hell Is Paved with Good Inventions
Old Fiends for Amy Peterson
My Muse Is An Ancient Scrip
The Best Loved Poem of the American People

Total Time: 20:51

24 November 2010

Feature 2: Dan Thomas-Glass

Dan Thomas-Glass has poems and critical work recently appearing or forthcoming in Volt, Versal, 1913: A Journal of Forms, Tarpaulin Sky, Jacket, ON: Contemporary Practice, Shampoo, and elsewhere. In 2010 Furniture Press published his chapbook Seaming as part of the PO25EM series; and in 2009 Deep Oakland published a poetry/photography/google maps project of his on Interstate 880. From his garage in Albany, California (which he shares, along with the rest of an apartment, with his wife Kate and their daughter Sonia), he edits, staples, and spraypaints With + Stand, a journal of postindustrial poetics that has released four issues. He also recently founded The 30 Word Review, a short-form review project dedicated to small-run poetry chapbooks and ephemera. He wrote his dissertation on language poetry and rap music; he went to Berkeley High; he surfs when it's warm out; he teaches at The Girls' Middle School; he eats Mexican food as often as he can.

1. Lecture on Emotion 5:08
2. Lecture on Ritual 3:52
3. After Time's Body 1:56
4. Can I Be Honest? I'm Going To Be Honest. Let's Just Be Honest 2:12
5. An Ocean Is A Body 0:50
6. from Fallujanating 3:54
7. Juicy 2:46

Blog with links to poems etc.:
880, a poetic and photographic exploration of a section of Oakland interstate:
With + Stand:
The 30 Word Review:

24 October 2010

Feature 1: Eileen Myles & CAConrad: i.e. series: Baltimore: October 8, 2010


Eileen Myles

Eileen Myles was born in Boston and moved to New York in 1974. Her Inferno (a poet’s novel) is just out from OR books. For her collection of essays, The Importance of Being Iceland, she received a Warhol/Creative Capital grant. Sorry Tree is her most recent book of poems. In 2010 the Poetry Society of America awarded Eileen the Shelley Prize. She is a Prof. Emeritus of Writing at UC San Diego. She lives in New York.

CA Conrad is a nationally acclaimed poet and performer. The son of white trash asphyxiation, his childhood included selling cut flowers along the highway for his mother and helping her shoplift.

CA has published four books: Deviant Propulsion (Soft Skull Press, 2006) a book that inspired a Publisher’s Weekly reviewer to draw parallels between his work and the poetry of Allen Ginsberg; The Book of Frank( Chax Press,2009) a magical book of poems that brings to life an alter ego who speaks a continual stream of uncensored truths which won the Gil Ott Book Award and Advanced Elvis Course (Soft Skull Press, 2009)- a rollicking and surreal book about the mythological Elvis. Factory School has just published the long awaited collaboration with poet Frank Sherlock titled The City Real & Imagined. A new expanded version of The Book of Frank is forthcoming from WAVE BOOKS.

To find out more about the i.e. reading series, please visit http://ieseries.wordpress.com/, or contact host Michael Ball.

03 October 2010

Episode Two - Les Wade

born to the children of immigrants in, of all places, oklahoma city, my family eventually migrated to southern california in the mid 1960s. i myself later moved to seattle washington, and ultimately to baltimore, with time off in hamburg, berlin, and paris, all of which, i suppose, makes me doubly diasporic, and which may also explain the sense of constant displacement that occurs so often in my poetry. for the last two years, i've been working on a poem sequence entitled "moveture," which has been (self)-published as a series of illuminated chapbooks. the whole moveture series was loosely inspired by a line that i (deliberately?) misremembered from the french film critic and theorist andre bazin-- "following a flashlight to the vast and ragged space that surrounds the screen." while this is an on-going project, i have recently started another poem sequence entitled "material studies." like the moveture poems, this, too, is being produced as a series of illustrated chapbooks.

1. More For 6:20
2. from Flip Books 10:35
3. What It Was All About (w/ introduction) 1:39
4. Luftmensch 1: Shooting the Symbolic(w/ introduction) 3:17

Total Time: 21:51

also see

the movetyre series:

moveture: the daily rushes

more four

2 morfers


topoi machine

the flip books:

flip book 1

flip book 2

flip book 3

27 September 2010

Episode One - David Stone

David Stone was born in Chicago in 1949,studied philosophy at the University of Illinois,DePaul University in Chicago and Tel Aviv University with a specialty in phenomenology and has been writing and publishing poetry for 40 years. Stone relocated to Baltimore in 1997 where he established the Blackbird Institute

and has been editing and publishing BLACKBIRD,an international anthology of poetry and art since that time.

Most recently, Stone's book publications have been with Alternating Current Press in Palo Alto,California.

Under The El, a long poem about Chicago, is the first release with Alternating Current. The Bloodhound Works is forthcoming in 2010 and The Hogbutcher Poems will appear in 2011. Issue #10 of BLACKBIRD,

which will soon be online, will also appear in print in 2011.
Recorded at Furniture Press Studios in Towson, Maryland. 7.26.2010
Click on a title to listen.

1. Under the El 6:30
2. Bridge Works 2:56
3. Baudhuinic Disorder 0:42
4. The Asylum Decree 0:24
5. The Labyrinth 0:45
6. The Trumpeter 1:28
7. The Porter 0:58
8. The Wicker Man 0:35
10. The City Bridge 3:58
12. The Demon Station 1:28

Total 20:35

26 July 2010

In Preparation of Place

and future home of Center for the Emerging Text.

Our humble anthologizing...