11 January 2011

Episode Three - Chris Toll

Chris Toll is a poet and collagemaker who lives in Baltimore, Maryland. He co-curates the Benevolent Armchair Reading Series. In the spring of 2011, Publishing Genius Press will put out his new book, The Disinformation Phase.

Medley #1 (6:30)

National Poetry Month
One Planet One People One Love Blues
Insulator Drive Blues
The Contemplative Life
Land of the Fee
Carbon-Based Lifeform Blues
23 Palms
The Untitled Season
Edward Hopper at the OK Corral
Poetry 101 for Travelin' Tommy Tucker

Medley #2 (8:38)

The Shaken Is My Shepherd for Adam Robinson
Irregular Galaxy
All Is Suffering
Writing Groups of the Future by Sylvia Plath
Love Your Enemies for CA Conrad
I Can't Stand Along the Watchtower
No Blues Blues #43
The Third Station of the Double-Crossed
Bad File Handle
Money Never Weeps by Edgar Allen Poe
The Abyss Has No Biographer
Perfect Love

Medley #3 (5:43)

Adapt or Die
The Awry Sky Soothsays
The Road to Hell Is Paved with Good Inventions
Old Fiends for Amy Peterson
My Muse Is An Ancient Scrip
The Best Loved Poem of the American People

Total Time: 20:51

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