24 November 2010

Feature 2: Dan Thomas-Glass

Dan Thomas-Glass has poems and critical work recently appearing or forthcoming in Volt, Versal, 1913: A Journal of Forms, Tarpaulin Sky, Jacket, ON: Contemporary Practice, Shampoo, and elsewhere. In 2010 Furniture Press published his chapbook Seaming as part of the PO25EM series; and in 2009 Deep Oakland published a poetry/photography/google maps project of his on Interstate 880. From his garage in Albany, California (which he shares, along with the rest of an apartment, with his wife Kate and their daughter Sonia), he edits, staples, and spraypaints With + Stand, a journal of postindustrial poetics that has released four issues. He also recently founded The 30 Word Review, a short-form review project dedicated to small-run poetry chapbooks and ephemera. He wrote his dissertation on language poetry and rap music; he went to Berkeley High; he surfs when it's warm out; he teaches at The Girls' Middle School; he eats Mexican food as often as he can.

1. Lecture on Emotion 5:08
2. Lecture on Ritual 3:52
3. After Time's Body 1:56
4. Can I Be Honest? I'm Going To Be Honest. Let's Just Be Honest 2:12
5. An Ocean Is A Body 0:50
6. from Fallujanating 3:54
7. Juicy 2:46

Blog with links to poems etc.:
880, a poetic and photographic exploration of a section of Oakland interstate:
With + Stand:
The 30 Word Review:

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  1. Great work! Congratulations!
    Can I be honest...rapping with the words...