27 September 2010

Episode One - David Stone

David Stone was born in Chicago in 1949,studied philosophy at the University of Illinois,DePaul University in Chicago and Tel Aviv University with a specialty in phenomenology and has been writing and publishing poetry for 40 years. Stone relocated to Baltimore in 1997 where he established the Blackbird Institute

and has been editing and publishing BLACKBIRD,an international anthology of poetry and art since that time.

Most recently, Stone's book publications have been with Alternating Current Press in Palo Alto,California.

Under The El, a long poem about Chicago, is the first release with Alternating Current. The Bloodhound Works is forthcoming in 2010 and The Hogbutcher Poems will appear in 2011. Issue #10 of BLACKBIRD,

which will soon be online, will also appear in print in 2011.
Recorded at Furniture Press Studios in Towson, Maryland. 7.26.2010
Click on a title to listen.

1. Under the El 6:30
2. Bridge Works 2:56
3. Baudhuinic Disorder 0:42
4. The Asylum Decree 0:24
5. The Labyrinth 0:45
6. The Trumpeter 1:28
7. The Porter 0:58
8. The Wicker Man 0:35
10. The City Bridge 3:58
12. The Demon Station 1:28

Total 20:35

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