24 November 2010

Feature 2: Dan Thomas-Glass

Dan Thomas-Glass has poems and critical work recently appearing or forthcoming in Volt, Versal, 1913: A Journal of Forms, Tarpaulin Sky, Jacket, ON: Contemporary Practice, Shampoo, and elsewhere. In 2010 Furniture Press published his chapbook Seaming as part of the PO25EM series; and in 2009 Deep Oakland published a poetry/photography/google maps project of his on Interstate 880. From his garage in Albany, California (which he shares, along with the rest of an apartment, with his wife Kate and their daughter Sonia), he edits, staples, and spraypaints With + Stand, a journal of postindustrial poetics that has released four issues. He also recently founded The 30 Word Review, a short-form review project dedicated to small-run poetry chapbooks and ephemera. He wrote his dissertation on language poetry and rap music; he went to Berkeley High; he surfs when it's warm out; he teaches at The Girls' Middle School; he eats Mexican food as often as he can.

1. Lecture on Emotion 5:08
2. Lecture on Ritual 3:52
3. After Time's Body 1:56
4. Can I Be Honest? I'm Going To Be Honest. Let's Just Be Honest 2:12
5. An Ocean Is A Body 0:50
6. from Fallujanating 3:54
7. Juicy 2:46

Blog with links to poems etc.:
880, a poetic and photographic exploration of a section of Oakland interstate:
With + Stand:
The 30 Word Review:

24 October 2010

Feature 1: Eileen Myles & CAConrad: i.e. series: Baltimore: October 8, 2010


Eileen Myles

Eileen Myles was born in Boston and moved to New York in 1974. Her Inferno (a poet’s novel) is just out from OR books. For her collection of essays, The Importance of Being Iceland, she received a Warhol/Creative Capital grant. Sorry Tree is her most recent book of poems. In 2010 the Poetry Society of America awarded Eileen the Shelley Prize. She is a Prof. Emeritus of Writing at UC San Diego. She lives in New York.

CA Conrad is a nationally acclaimed poet and performer. The son of white trash asphyxiation, his childhood included selling cut flowers along the highway for his mother and helping her shoplift.

CA has published four books: Deviant Propulsion (Soft Skull Press, 2006) a book that inspired a Publisher’s Weekly reviewer to draw parallels between his work and the poetry of Allen Ginsberg; The Book of Frank( Chax Press,2009) a magical book of poems that brings to life an alter ego who speaks a continual stream of uncensored truths which won the Gil Ott Book Award and Advanced Elvis Course (Soft Skull Press, 2009)- a rollicking and surreal book about the mythological Elvis. Factory School has just published the long awaited collaboration with poet Frank Sherlock titled The City Real & Imagined. A new expanded version of The Book of Frank is forthcoming from WAVE BOOKS.

To find out more about the i.e. reading series, please visit http://ieseries.wordpress.com/, or contact host Michael Ball.

03 October 2010

Episode Two - Les Wade

born to the children of immigrants in, of all places, oklahoma city, my family eventually migrated to southern california in the mid 1960s. i myself later moved to seattle washington, and ultimately to baltimore, with time off in hamburg, berlin, and paris, all of which, i suppose, makes me doubly diasporic, and which may also explain the sense of constant displacement that occurs so often in my poetry. for the last two years, i've been working on a poem sequence entitled "moveture," which has been (self)-published as a series of illuminated chapbooks. the whole moveture series was loosely inspired by a line that i (deliberately?) misremembered from the french film critic and theorist andre bazin-- "following a flashlight to the vast and ragged space that surrounds the screen." while this is an on-going project, i have recently started another poem sequence entitled "material studies." like the moveture poems, this, too, is being produced as a series of illustrated chapbooks.

1. More For 6:20
2. from Flip Books 10:35
3. What It Was All About (w/ introduction) 1:39
4. Luftmensch 1: Shooting the Symbolic(w/ introduction) 3:17

Total Time: 21:51

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27 September 2010

Episode One - David Stone

David Stone was born in Chicago in 1949,studied philosophy at the University of Illinois,DePaul University in Chicago and Tel Aviv University with a specialty in phenomenology and has been writing and publishing poetry for 40 years. Stone relocated to Baltimore in 1997 where he established the Blackbird Institute

and has been editing and publishing BLACKBIRD,an international anthology of poetry and art since that time.

Most recently, Stone's book publications have been with Alternating Current Press in Palo Alto,California.

Under The El, a long poem about Chicago, is the first release with Alternating Current. The Bloodhound Works is forthcoming in 2010 and The Hogbutcher Poems will appear in 2011. Issue #10 of BLACKBIRD,

which will soon be online, will also appear in print in 2011.
Recorded at Furniture Press Studios in Towson, Maryland. 7.26.2010
Click on a title to listen.

1. Under the El 6:30
2. Bridge Works 2:56
3. Baudhuinic Disorder 0:42
4. The Asylum Decree 0:24
5. The Labyrinth 0:45
6. The Trumpeter 1:28
7. The Porter 0:58
8. The Wicker Man 0:35
10. The City Bridge 3:58
12. The Demon Station 1:28

Total 20:35

26 July 2010

In Preparation of Place

and future home of Center for the Emerging Text.

Our humble anthologizing...