23 September 2014

Jen Coleman & Susan Landers at LitMore : September 20, 2014

Jen and Susan took some time to visit LitMore this weekend, and we three had a great time catching up, touring the space and listening to/capturing the words of (frankly) two of my favorite poets.

We decided to relax in the bay window box on the first and a half floor and let the room tones gently filter in and mix with the words.

Susan Landers reading from Franklinstein, a history of a neighborhood in Philadelphia (Germantown) which is inspired by The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin and The Making of the Americans by Gertrude Stein, plus the beautiful Paean to Paean to Place, an homage to Lorine Niedecker's long poem. 

Susan and Jen talking about their parents, and the ethics of capturing video/audio to preserve a moment (memory), and using this content for creative purposes.

Part one of Jen reading from her new book from Trembling Pillow Press, Psalms for Dogs and Sorcerers, which was the Winner of the 2013 Bob Kaufman Book Prize, selected by Poet Dara Wier. She asked that we record on LitMore's porch, and absorbed a cacophony of crickets, helicopters and a bad fan belt.

Part two of Jen's reading in the main performance room. The ambiance of the room complements Jen's voice, which insist on the listing. Krill List, that is.

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